Knowledge of where materials come from, how they behave and, ultimately, degrade is crucial in designing and creating sustainable end products that support a more circular economy.

Providing the specification community with the tools to make informed decisions at the early stages of a project was a key topic that emerged from our live discussion produced in partnership with architectural and design magazine, Dezeen.

Material Lab invited representatives from Johnson Tiles, The Good Plastic Company and Nature Squared, as well as journalist and author, Katie Treggiden, to share their experiences and insights into sustainable design practices. The participants observed a real need to expand material literacy in ways that provide inspiration, encourage experimentation and embrace shared learnings.

Crucially, these additional resources are needed to help designers and architects embark on projects that involve many different elements to ensure the end result is always greater than the sum of its parts. It extends beyond a particular tile design or a shade of paint and instead looks at how each surface type fits together and, ultimately, how they can eventually be taken apart and reused when no longer needed or desired.

With material selection established as playing a critical role in holistic and sustainable design, the conversation turned to the available resources that inform these decisions.

Established as an educational and collaborative space for the architect and design community, Material Lab showcases coverings of every kind and encourages users to consider more sustainable options. By granting unrestricted access to resources and the ability to evaluate materials and how they interact, the lab enables users to broaden their horizons at the pivotal design stage.


Book an appointment to explore a wide variety of sustainable materials at our studio

Featuring samples from the likes of The Good Plastics Company and Johnson Tiles, Material Lab features an array of sustainable materials that help designers create multi-element schemes that improve the lives of those that use them while supporting a greener future for all.

Working with like-minded partners, designers and manufacturers, we continue to update our resource library with innovative and sustainable materials to bring new inspiration to the design community. But collaboration will be key as we drive towards a more circular economy and we invite you to share ideas for new resources, explore our library and experiment with surface materials.

We are currently open by appointment, so please contact a member of our team to book your visit or explore our website to find out more.

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