NM17: New Materials 2017

Through NM17, we explore the latest new surfaces and materials for architects and designers. Check back regularly for the latest updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.

Malai creates sustainable surface design from coconuts and water

Taking the concept ‘something from nothing’ to new extremes, South Indian company, Malai, has created a biocomposite from Bacterial Cellulose. Grown from the water of mature coconuts and natural fibres, mainly sourced from agricultural waste streams, the end product is sustainable, biodegradable, water resistant and vegan. 


KIZIS Studio plants seeds of change with creation of thistle-based eco-friendly material

The thistle is a plant native to the western and central Mediterranean region, where it was domesticated in ancient times. In an impressive demonstration of innovation, KIZIS Studio has created a new eco-friendly material, using the plant as the main substance for the first ever thistle furniture collection. Located between Athens and London, KIZIS undertakes projects across product and furniture design, interiors and architecture. 


Elli Popp takes influence from nature for brand new Tektura designs

Influenced by jungles through to woodland glades, mythical lands and ancient wonders – the designs of Elli Popp – founded by Katja Behre in 2007 – are firmly rooted in nature, yet have a somewhat other-worldly appeal. Katja blends her own photography with layers of translucent shadow and colour, creating totally unique effects. The designs have been created specially for Tektura, and can be scaled up to fill a wall of 3x5m. 


Granorte VITA décor elevates cork from its humble origins to a material of true beauty

Designed to reproduce the unique patterns and textures found in nature, VITA flooring combines the authenticity and beauty of natural products with the durability of an innovative hardwearing and eco-friendly surface. The new collection of cork flooring is designed with aesthetics firmly in mind, and with stunning surface decors achieved by state-of-the-art digital printing technology, it stands out for its never-seen-before clarity – reaching a resolution of over 1000 dpi – and making patterns appear almost life-like.