In the studio: introducing Wonderwall Studios


After some time away from the studio during lockdown, Material Lab has now reopened its doors (albeit by appointment only for now)! And that’s not the only good news - we’re also excited to introduce a new addition to our reference library: Wonderwall Studios!

The company’s mission is to “create joyous panelling from salvaged woods that enriches surfaces and enhances your interior” – what’s not to like!?

The high quality products are also produced to last a lifetime. And in this day and age, longevity is a necessity rather than an option.

Wonderwall scours the land for woods that can be salvaged and upcycled, giving discarded timber a second lease of life. “Typically, we’ll turn a weathered girder into a striking collection of unique wall tiles. It’s a reincarnation of sorts.”

The company was founded – or “happened”, according to the owners – during travels through South-East Asia a decade ago. There, an abundance of abandoned houses uncovered a wealth of potential resources simply going to waste. In response, a team of woodworkers were compiled and work started on making a collection from the scrap material.

Since then, the studio has expanded to span a diverse global network. The HQ has grown to include an office and warehouse, and, from there, contact with the widespread workshops is managed.

“The Wonderwall Studios family is large, diverse and growing. It spans several continents, and traverses many cultures. From the high-spirited folks in the south of Europe to the cool characters in the Nordic countries. And from the hectic and fast-paced Far East through Eastern and Central Europe to our larger-than-life cousins in North America. What binds us is a love of craftsmanship, woodwork and fun.”

With such an amazing story, and equally as impressive products to boot, we’re thrilled to include Wonderwall’s wood panelling in our studio collection.

If you’d like to find out more about this fantastic company, please get in touch with our team who can advise on how it might suit your next project.

You can also head to our Instagram account to see more from Wonderwall, and our other exhibitors. Don’t be a stranger, keep in touch and let us know what you think!