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Egger’s senior decor manager talks must-use tones, trends & 2020 plans


As 2020 approaches, we were keen to catch up with our newest partner Egger on its plans for the coming year.

From an exciting new product launch to the trends making the most impact on the design team, Elliott Fairlie, senior decor manager, fills us in on what’s to come for the international brand in the not-so-distant-future….

As the newest Material Lab partner, what can studio visitors expect from your product offering?

“Egger is a one-stop shop for decorative surfaces providing a cost effective option that does not compromise on style or performance. The new Egger Decorative Collection 2020-22 comprises more than 250 decors, with matching boards, laminate and edging available for every single one.

“At Material Lab, visitors will get the chance to see the full collection first-hand, with an extensive selection of decors and products for them to choose from in our dedicated display area.”

You’ve got a new product launching in February - can you please tell us about that?

“February 2020 sees the introduction of the new Egger Decorative Collection 2020-22, offering a range of decors and textures with a focus on the latest design trends.

“The selection of woodgrain finishes has never been so extensive, with new decors added to the popular Feelwood range. High-end material reproductions of marble, granite and ceramic have been developed to meet demand, and new solid colours have been added to achieve bold contrasts in design.

“Our PerfectSense collection has been refreshed with the addition of material decors available in gloss and matt along with our matching TopMatt laminate, as well as an increased range of matching and accent edging to create a high value look.

“New digital services will help to bring the collection to life, making it easier to select, visualise and present Egger products.

“Alongside the Egger Decorative Collection 2020-22, we will also be launching a new and improved collection of worktops in a range of sizes and thicknesses, including the elegant and versatile 16mm.

“The new range will provide customers with the freedom to develop amazing design concepts, knowing Egger will provide high quality products to help bring their ideas to life.”


What have been your favourite trends this year? And what do you hope to see more of in 2020?

"Individualisation is key when it comes to the trends of today and this will continue to have an impact for some time. With this also comes the need for choice and we have seen an increase of differing styles and designs running in parallel as a result.

“While in the past, we were able to ‘hang our hat’ on particular styles, it’s so much more difficult with the trends of today, with consumers ultimately looking for their own bespoke scheme.

“This is why the new Egger Decorative Collection is our most comprehensive range to date. Giving the customer choice, as well as the opportunity to develop designs and styles to meet their needs. This includes classics with a modern twist such as walnut with a clean, linear appearance used as a rich accent.

“It also encompasses Scandinavian timbers in lighter shades, which mix well with popular natural tones such as Taupe and Blue Grey. Classic marble designs and materials such as linen, on the other hand, add that classic edge to create a modern, yet timeless look.

“Black is also very prevalent at the moment. We have seen it in many different product areas, from lighting and handles to taps and sinks. Plus in the rise of charred wood for exterior cladding.

“Overall, as design continues to become more individual and customer choice more broad, Egger’s new Decorative Collection offers something for everyone, while the carefully considered décor range offers guidance on creating on-trend bespoke designs for today, and tomorrow.”


For more information on Egger’s product offering, pop into the studio - no appointment necessary.