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NM18: New Materials 2018

Through NM18, we explore the latest new surfaces and materials for architects and designers. Check back regularly for the latest updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.

Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, Buckingham allows for stunning wall and floor finishes

With durability and maintenance free characteristics of porcelain, Buckingham is characterised with striking veins which adds subtle detail to an environment. Available in several sizes up to 1200x1200mm the product is perfect for residential and commercial project alike.

Jessica Gray introduces the luxury interior collection 'Siam Botanicals' inspired by Thailand

‘Siam Botanicals' is inspired by Jessica’s experiences and memories of growing up in Bangkok and extensively visiting the country of Thailand.

The project incorporates Buddhist architectural geometrics and textures with the flora and fauna of Thailand. The luxury interior collection consists of striking imagery and an intense use of colour and scale.

Printed textile designer Eve Campbell captures the transient nature of surface and form of Scotland

Eve’s designs were inspired by the Scottish ‘tundra’ with lichens and mosses growing on rocks and plants with a delicate intricacy, demonstrating a resiliency to survive and thrive. The work creates surface pattern that is designed to exist in manmade environments and bring nature as an abstract form to people’s lives.

Helping to deliver biophilic design solutions is Innerspace with their range of natural mosses

Made by hand in their workshop in Cheshire, the real preserved moss can be adapted to different projects by adding other preserved plants and materials such as bark or flowers. Another added benefit is that this amazing material does not need any maintenance or watering and won’t harbour insects or pests.