New Materials - March 2018

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Incredible, hand-blown stained glass windows by Progetto Arte Poli

Based in Italy, using both traditional and innovative techniques and materials, Progetto Arte Poli serves the more luxury side of the interiors market with its incredible mouth-blown glass artworks and mosaics as well as artistic, stained glass windows. Established since 1953 by its founder Albano Poli, expect stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces, in an array of beautiful colours, that transform any space.

Karuun ® turns rattan palm into an innovative wood material

Thanks to a patented process and new technology by Out for Space, the fast-growing rattan palm is transformed into an innovative wood material called Kuruun. Not only does it represent a sustainable alternative to conventional materials, helping to preserve the rainforest; it turns a wood with a limited use into a versatile material that is firmer, harder and weather-resistant.

modulyss adds a touch of Velvet for the on-trend, timeworn interior

Velvet& is the latest carpet tile collection by modulyss that introduces the on-trend look of timeworn velvet to commercial interiors. Through a random tip-sheared loop pile texture, modulyss presents lavish contrast, a tight and dense structure, interspersed by areas of luxurious velour for a rich velvet feel. By combining bright and dull yarns with an organic design through rising and falling textures and pile heights, Velvet& delivers a striking 3D effect in any setting. Available in a palette of 18 royal colours, including rust, navy, ocean, burgundy, ochre, purple and grey.

Mirrl is handmade, easy to install and available in a wide range of colours

Mirrl is a solid surface material on a birch plywood substrate that is highly resilient, long-lasting, waterproof, food safe, repairable and ready for joinery. With a distinctive organic pattern, it’s available in eight beautiful colours and is made to order from its Glasgow workshop, using a technique inspired by Japanese lacquerware from the island of Hokkaido. Seamlessly jointed, it’s easy to clean and has a wide range of applications, ideal for tabletops, kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, and much more.