Milan Design Week 2023: Insights from Senior Designer, Amy Pears.


This month, we sat down with Johnson Tile’s Senior Designer, Amy Pears, to hear all about her experience at the world renowned Milan Design Week. One of the biggest annual design events in the world, this year saw the show return to its traditional mid-April schedule for the first time in three years. And it proved to be as popular as ever with more than 370,000 creatives from all areas of the globe descending into the city.

The largest featured event was the Salone del Mobile Fair which showcased a plethora of presentations and installations from designers, brands, studios and institutions. Below, Amy shares the notable themes, her favourite design trends, and the importance of these events in inspiring her own collections.

From left to right, an image of a wooden table with marble floor, a lampshade made from stone and a green velvet sofa, with cream cushions, and stone wall.

The 2023 event showcased the growing popularity of Biophilic design

Q: Which key interior themes did you pick up on?

A: One particular theme I noticed was environmentally-focussed design, with colour palettes, materials and fittings all appearing to draw inspiration from the outdoors. Biophilic design has been growing in popularity over recent years, but designers are now thinking of new innovative ways to capture the beauty of nature - whether that’s using textured materials like stone, or opting for organic marble as a way to breathe life into spaces. More obvious colours like cool greens and rich, khaki tones added to the calming, naturalistic aesthetic, whilst more vibrant tones of deep pinks and muted putty created the perfect contrast.

Image of dark grey Mortar and pestle against a striped wall backdrop, centre a palette of colour swatches, and right a terrazzo tiled floor with outside lamp on the floor near some steps

"‘Pairing warm tones together creates depth and texture"

Q: What was your favourite design trend this year?

A: That’s a difficult one, but if I had to choose, I'd go with the fluid textures and warmer hues. When combined together, the two bring a sense of depth and balance to any space and, above all, warmth. I love how we’re transitioning from greys to warmer tones, which I expect to see more as we continue to embrace statement colour palettes.

Picture of concrete wall, furniture pieces and far right a textured granite wall.

Milan Design Week provides plenty of inspiration for future tile designs.

Q: How do you use these events to inspire your own designs?

A: In so many ways. I collect inspiration from seeing how different shades are grouped together, using this to create a new colour palette for glazed colours. Keeping an eye out for the surface pattern textures that are featured helps me to form an idea of what’s sticking in the design world. Even walking through the streets of Milan can be inspiring, from the colours of the buildings and the beautiful texture on the exterior, so I made sure to do plenty of exploring, too.

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