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DOKA Offices


Specified by OSG Architects in Kent, 450m² of our Refine range were selected to remaster the look of the Doka offices in Sittingbourne. Our Refine Basalt Grip was used throughout the warehouse offices, toilets, reception area, and stairs. The Grip finish provides a PTV rating of 36+ for both wet and dry shod-foot areas, ensuring that the tiles are suitable for footfall of large volumes, received directly from external areas. The rich tones of the Basalt create a look of sophistication and allow for pops of colour throughout the supporting décor; the dusky orange furniture and lighthouse landscape contrast with the deeper shades of the Refine to create a formal yet friendly atmosphere. With a V2 shade variation, the Basalt provides enough distinction to keep the space interesting, without detracting from the bright colour theme.

Ranges used: Refine