Alison Park


Alison Park is a conversion of a stunning former hotel to create 10 new apartments and a townhouse. With an additional new extension to the building to create a further townhouse, as well as adapting the garages to convert to 3 cosy cottages. Located in the beautiful spa town of Buxton based in the East Midlands, Amos Group Ltd developed the property to bring it up to date, whilst staying true to the original features and character of the hotel.

To match the traditional aesthetic, the Roker range from our renowned Minton Hollins Collection were used to create a statement in the downstairs WC. The UK made ceramic tiles are perfect for bringing a touch of vintage charm to any space. The majestic, rich Scuba Blue tone with the embossed structure and glossy finish brings drama and elegance to the space to match the charm of the building. The plain and Embossed 150x150mm Field tiles along with the 150x75mm Embossed Border and Crampton Capping Skirting finish off the look, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modernity.

In the bathroom and ensuite areas, our Glide White Carrara marble range is perfect for creating a clean, sleek look. The pure white hue combined with the elegant veining of Carrara Marble, creates a soothing and serene atmosphere for residents to relax and unwind in. The classic gloss finish of the 600x300mm wall tiles reflects light to make the spaces appear larger and create a spa-like feel. Paired with the linear d├ęcor option for added texture and depth. In the townhouse bathroom, they opted for the geometric patterned Devonshire 330x330mm floor tiles. With a distinctive floral pattern, the black colourway was used to create a contemporary monochrome look.

We are so proud of the finished bathroom areas, they all exude timeless elegance, perfect for updating the building whilst preserving the classic feel desired from this impressive building.

Ranges used: Roker Glide