New Materials - September 2017

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Made of Air: Carbon negative facades combine eco credentials with aesthetics

Berlin-based practice, Elegant Embellishments, is on a mission to help buildings perform both environmentally and aesthetically. As a result, its expert team has developed Made of Air. The cladding material is formed by baking waste biomass from charred felled trees, in an oxygen-free oven to produce a stable form of carbon. The carbon is then mixed with a biodegradable binder to make carbon negative facades. Through innovative, high-quality building products, the company aims to disrupt the existing sector.

Motion /// Vision: Move more with modulyss

modulyss has launched its latest collection, Motion /// Vision. Comprising a range of cutting-edge carpet tiles, the design is driven by the fluidity and strength of human movement, changing the rhythm of a space as colours flow into dynamic texture and shifting patterns. Made from high-performance solution-dyed PA 6 yarn, developed in-house, Motion /// Vision delivers outstanding performance and heralds a new era of product innovation for the company.

JBH Soft Furnishings: Looks as good as it sounds

Manufacturers of lightweight acoustic products and substrates, including fibre glass acoustic insulations, acoustic foam, rockwool and pinable cores, JBH Soft Furnishings offers bespoke colours, patterns and finishes that enable designers to create the perfect look, regardless of their environment. In addition to the attractive, aesthetic properties, the panels also promise stellar sound reducing qualities. The company is dedicated to combining craftsmanship with service, working for a range of clients in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Banana Lab encourages you to Collect, Create & Compost

Trailblazing designer, Lizzie Hall, has developed a new recycling process ‘Collect, Create, Compost’, in the hope of increasing sustainability in local communities. Using banana peel, and through extensive testing and development, she has created a high-quality material for use in cutlery, bags and vessels. She is now encouraging others to do the same by setting up their own banana material production facilities. Properties of the resulting material include the easy application of texture, colour and pattern, as well as ensuring a high-quality finish.