NM18: New Materials 2018

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Granorte’s NuSpa is an innovative bathroom collection made of cork

Innovative manufacturing techniques adopted by Granorte have transformed the capabilities of cork into a trend-inspiring interior material, rivalling many other products, not only in terms of design flexibility and performance, but also durability and sustainability. An award-winning example is NuSpa, Granorte’s own bathroom collection that includes bathtubs and washbasins made from cork.


Metall-FX uses cold liquid metal spray to create custom designs and finishes

From sculptures and screens to luxury interiors and bespoke art pieces, Metall-FX provides real metal finishing, often using cold liquid metal spray in a choice of veneer coatings from dozens of pure metals and alloys. A closely-guarded secret throughout its production and developed in-house by its founder, Metall-FX is a unique product used by both artists and designers to create a stunning result.


Transience by designer Lex Pott brings out the natural oxidation process

Lex Pott employs a raw and intuitive method to his designs, using materials such as wood, stone and metal. For Transience, Pott collaborated with David Derksen to create bespoke, oxidised mirrors in geometric shapes. These mirrors reveal the different states of the oxidation process, which normally occurs randomly and evolves slowly over time. In this case, Pott and Derksen applied sulphur to speed up the process to achieve different colour tones from gold to brown, purple to blue. Custom-made sizes are available upon request.


CRYLUX cast acrylic glass in a lively palette of vibrant colours

Manufactured from cast Poly(methyl methacrylate), CRYLUX by 3A Composites is an acrylic, versatile glass that has anti-bacterial properties to improve hygiene and inhibit the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria. Used for many purposes, from shop fittings and signage to bespoke furniture, it has superb resistance and UV stability and is available in an assortment of vibrant colours as well as opaque, matt, transparent and translucent finishes.