New Materials June 2018

Dukta makes wood flexible with its unique type of incision process

Using a unique type of incision process to make wood and engineered wood flexible, dukta creates a range of products that opens up a world of possibilities for interior designers. The resulting material is textile-like and suitable for a wide range of applications. Semi-Finished, for example, is suitable for sound-absorbing walls and ceilings, as well as freestanding partitions.

Karndean offers its longest ever vinyl plank with LooseLay Longboard

Karndean’s LooseLay Longboard is a collection of 12 types of wood featuring unique designs in its largest vinyl plank to date. Available in a 1.5m long format, it has a textured finish, industry-leading K-Wave Grip Backing and an authentic replication of natural wood – making it a practical and attractive flooring option for any interior. Quick and easy to install, LooseLay Longboard is also perfect for projects where you want to reduce noise levels in the room below without the need for underlay.

Transforming oysters into beautiful tiles with Oesterplat by d’werkplaats

Struck by the beauty of oyster shells after savouring them at a restaurant, and noticing how they were thrown away as rubbish, Marjolein Stappers of d’werkplaats came up with the idea for Oesterplat. She started to collect the empty shells from restaurants and found a way to turn them into something more durable. The result is an elegant tile collection made of marble and oyster shells, showing their mother-of-pearl shine as contemporary fossils.

Lumina lights up its ever-changing glass surface thanks to Sensitile Systems

The revolutionary Lumina by Sensitile Systems diffuses a single energy-efficient LED into thousands of floating points of light. With an ever-changing surface, this material can be effortlessly refreshed, enabling you to define any space using light and colour. Manufactured in glass, Lumina offers a high fibre rating suitable for any application