New Materials - June 2017

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Organoid Decorative Coatings offer a re-imagining of natural raw materials

Characterised by its connection to, and preservation of nature, Organoid’s range of decorative coatings uses raw materials not normally found in conventional production processes. At its factory in Tyrol – in the heart of the Alps – the team pays acute attention to ecological and sustainable manufacturing. Each surface is individual, so whether a perfume manufacturer requires jasmine-scented panels, or a luxury hotel is seeking a surface of grass and blossom, Organoid makes it possible.

I-Mesh creates beautiful boundaries with its fibre and resin screens

Developed by a team of expert material makers, engineers and architects, I-Mesh comprises a sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor screening. Whether a façade or ceiling, or for scenography purposes, the ‘original’ and ‘façade’ versions both combine fibres and resins to provide a durable product that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. With each square metre of panel made to order, there is no waste, and specific requirements can be met depending on an individual project’s needs.

Alusion aluminium foam provides innovative approach to surface design

Toronto-based company, Alusion, offers a versatile material with ‘limitless’ design and architectural applications. As well as having a unique appearance, it also boasts sound absorbing properties that make it the ideal solution for façades, wall cladding or ceilings, in all manner of interior schemes. Its unique aluminium foam creates strong yet lightweight panels that are visually striking in design and available in various densities.

Formica Group introduces VIVIX(R) architectural panels, for exceptional external façades

With a decorative surface on each side, VIVIX engineered exterior façade panels, present a technical and high performance rainscreen cladding solution. With inherent UV resistance, enhanced durability and providing a low maintenance finish, VIVIX panels are available in a choice of 68 colours, patterns and woodgrains, to create great looking buildings that perform. Acting as a secondary skin, rainscreen solutions, rather than resisting the elements, use natural airflow to manage weather conditions, protecting the building substructure. A variety of fixing methods are available to achieve the exact look desired, to transform and extend the lifespan of renovation projects or create striking facade designs on new architectural projects. VIVIX by Formica Group panels combine style with substance.