Introducing our themed seasons: Re-use / Re-life


With the launch of our new website we’re also commencing a series of themed ‘seasons’ for the Journal, which will take in an array of topics that we feel are significant in the world of surface materials.

During our first season, we’ll be exploring materials that can be described with some form of the prefix of RE; be it re-use, re-life, re-cycle, re-purpose or re-constitute. We’ll be sharing some notable examples of surface materials that transform existing materials from one state to another, more often than not saving them from landfill as a waste item.

We’ll be talking to makers, manufacturers and specifiers to find out what processes are involved in generating a new lease of life for materials, what kind of materials they’re working with and why they feel it’s important to do so.

In the process we’ll discover the pros and cons of such regenerative actions as well as exploring why people choose to use them, or in fact don’t, by sharing the thoughts of leading interior design studios and specifiers.

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