Bianca Gorini: Seamless attire

There are many different body sizes and shapes out there, and these broad variations are reflected in a myriad of clothes sizes available. However, a company’s idea of a set, categorized size can measure quite differently to the next.

At one time or another, many of us will have found that a garment of our usual and expected size has turned out to be better suited to a gymnast’s frame, and our chosen item will immediately end up back on the rail or in the pre-addressed envelope, ready to be taken to the post office for a refunded return. Sound familiar?


This is a scenario that Bianca Gorini feels shouldn’t go unexplored, cast aside as a modern issue with no controllable solution for the consumer. But by designing with 3-D print technology, she’s come up with a solution.



Taylor allows the user to create entire stitch free garments to a size of their own choosing, and from the comfort of their own home. The unisex patterns are generated by a dedicated application, which cleverly prints external ‘snap’ joints along the seams. The system mirrors that of a reversed seam and with it offers both a distinct design aesthetic and adaptability well beyond conventionally produced clothing. What’s more, not only can you create a brand new piece, the reusable joints also allow you to make alterations without the need of a conventional tailor.